Room 2's trip to the Otago Museum

By Kelly Hunter | Posted: Tuesday February 24, 2015

Room 2's museum trip to see the Rainforest Eco-Sanctuary and Animal Attic.

Rainforest Eco-sanctuary

Today we visited Discovery World at the Museum. We have been studying the Rocky Shore eco-system and were excited to learn about different habitats within a new eco-system — the rainforest. We learned that the canopy, or top layer of a rain forest has the most sunlight and is therefore the hottest layer in a rain forest.

The butterflies loved the canopy and were the most active here, as they use the sunlight and warmth for energy! We worked in four groups to find out about different animals within the rainforest. Group leaders then presented their findings to the rest of the class.

Animal Attic

After visiting the rainforest and having lunch we visited the Animal Attic. Here we used our knowledge of classification and learned more about the different classes within the classes 'Vertebrates' (animals with a backbone) and invertebrates (animals lacking a backbone).

We got into pairs, took photos and recorded information about certain groups within each class for example reptiles, mammals, birds, fish etc. It was a great day!

Please enjoy our photos!

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