Year 7 October news 

By Beth Downie | Posted: Tuesday October 25, 2016

Term 4 has rolled around quickly and all classes are immersed and engaged in all aspects of communication and telling our story.

On Friday of week 2 we held an arts rotation and all pupils rotated through dance, script writing using scratch, photograph and digital editing and designing soundscapes. The purpose of these sessions were to provide inspiration for class inquiries as each class will be designing their own inquiries based around the theme of telling our story .

Three out of our nine classes have had their day trip to Long Beach - the focus of this visit is to look at effective communication and teamwork. The class is split into three groups and have time on the rock face, a team building session in the cave and time on the beach designing sand sculptures.

We are so proud as all children have been put on the harness and helmet and have got at least 2 feet off the ground ! A lot of children faced their fear of heights, they communicated effectively with their parent belayers and then had a whole lot of fun abseiling down again! As always - these trips cannot go ahead without the help of our parent community - so thank you to our parents that have and are assisting on these trips. Let’s hope the weather plays it’s part in the coming weeks so the remaining 6 classes trips can go ahead as planned!

We were fortunate enough to have the outstanding storytelling and artistic skills of Stu Duval present two workshops to our Year 7 team this week. His first session was where he created a piece of  art followed with an engaging story told by him set to an amazing instrumental soundtrack in the background.  The second session he is working on creating dynamic and engaging stories with all our learners  ! 

If you haven’t heard about him - you can read further information here

In the next few weeks we have Pagan from the Royal New Zealand Ballet taking 90 minute workshops with each class continuing on our theme of telling our story! We can't wait for those sessions too! 

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Year 7 team for any queries or questions.

Beth Downie and the Year 7 Team.

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