Year 7 August news

By Beth Downie | Posted: Tuesday August 16, 2016

Another busy Month in Year 7  ! 

Well done to all of our Year 7 pupils who ran their first ever Balmac cross country on Friday.  We know that most of our pupils set  goals to focus on during the cross country; for some it was to make the top ten, for some it was to run non stop and for others it was to remain positive throughout the race, regardless of the goal, all pupils who participated absolutely did themselves and the school proud. The determination, effort and perseverance displayed was so pleasing to see. 

To support our Term 3 learning about the body, all classes had an amazing trip last week and it was the first time ever that we have visited these places in Dunedin.  We were fortunate enough to have a behind the scenes tour of the Physical Education School.  We experienced the climate control room with the temperature  set to the conditions that are similar to Rio, we had pupils in the Flume (which is a circulating water channel) and they tried to swim at the world record (albeit while holding on to a rope), we also did experiments in the bio mechanics department .  We then walked to Unipol and had a tour there.  Then to Forsyth Barr Stadium for another tour and Q&A session and lastly and perhaps a highlight for some, we visited the anatomy Museum - a museum that is a teaching museum and not open to the public.  The children all asked insightful questions and added lots to their knowledge and learning.  Many thanks to our parent helpers on the day.  An amazing day out all round! 

Speeches are starting to be written in class with all students building up to present their informative or persuasive speech to the classes in Week 6.  Year group speech finals are being held on the Friday afternoon of Week 7 (9th September) followed by school speech finals on the Friday of Week 8 (16th September). 

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your child's class teacher if you can offer any assistance with class programmes or if you have any queries also.

Beth Downie and the Year 7 team. 

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