Excerpts from Room 9 camp recounts.

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Tuesday April 12, 2016

We had lots to write about in our camp recounts.  Here are some excerpts we wanted to share.

It was an amazing day at camp the sun was sparkling down on us. But suddenly a big gust of wind struck. People ran for their tents before they were shredded into pieces. The noise of poles snapping sounded like thunder. We cautiously carried the tents as quickly as possible knowing that we could blow away any second. Once all the tents were rescued they were placed into the hall. I stared at everyone next to me as they had tears dripping down their faces. 

By Kyla

Somewhere in the oceans of hell waiting for the 10 of March at the puny little camp Waihola where it will ruin and sometimes injure poor room 1 and 9. One minute it was there plotting the next minute it's gone. Swishing swirling around and around and around tumbling and turning around and around and around howling like an injured wolf. Up and down through the trees knocking things away tumbling and turning around and around up into the sky. Swishing swirling catching cold damp moisture then plummet to the ground at high speeds pushing full on the throttle. Slowing stopping near the ground silent like a jaguar near its next victim.With all its power charging straightforward...

By Felix


Driving along the dusty roads we had finally come to a stop at camp Waihola, where we would have the greatest time of our lives. But nothing prepared me for what happened next …...

A large block of cloud drifted across the sky bringing a great force of wind. Having no control, the wind just kept pushing until it had knocked someone over like it was on a rage. One by one kids started dropping and then it had come to me. I had got picked up and thrown. The feeling that you wouldn't come back down. But in seconds I did and straight into a wire fence. My eyes are blurred as if a large thick blanket was covering them. I saw dad gradually coming closer. He had been getting thrashed about like everyone else. I struggled to get up. Dad supported me and took me inside. The wind was still howling like a pack of wolves in the night. I managed to get up the hill and inside. Everybody was worried, everybody looked terrified but still rushed outside into the gusts of wind to fetch the tents that were getting wrecked in the ugly weather. We now had to move our gear into the cabins. The wind was dying down but still had the urged to push. We rushed to safety and swung the door shut. I hear the sound of exhaustion pumping through the room with the pitter patter of kids rushing past.

By Abby

                                 Camp Concert Comedian

As I sat down in the front row of the crowd, nervousness rushed through my head. The voice in my mind spoke “I haven’t got anything planned how will I successfully pull this off” Why was I thinking so negatively? Was it because I was so frightened of performing? No. It was because I had never done comedy before. “It’s time for Thursday Night Live with Zed” the emcees excitingly spoke out. I knew, deep down inside me I had that fuse. I just didn’t know how to light it…

As I placed my feet onto the stage nerves flew over me. With everybody’s attention placed upon me I thought I would never be able to make everybody laugh. I took a huge gulp and went straight into the non planned joke. “Hi everybody I hope you can all see me down there.” At that moment my fright turned into determination. I knew I could do this.

By Zed