Year 7 Super Softies

By Penny Riley | Posted: Thursday September 21, 2017

With the onset of Term 3 in the Fabrics room, it signalled the start of the 2017 Softie extravaganza!

All Year 7 students will spend half a term and nine lessons in the Fabrics room over the rest of the year. While in here, they will revisit using their sewing machine again, they will learn a variety of hand stitches and then use these skills to design and create their own soft toy, incorporating both hand and machine sewing skills. 

The first 2 rotations of students  have completed  their softies and many will have brought their finished outcomes home already.  The last group will bring their creations home for the holidays.

 Below is a collection of many of the softie masterpieces to be have been designed and created in Year 7 for 2017.

Students will bring their work books home which will include unit development and assessments in the first week of Term 4.

Image Gallery