Room 9's trip to Toitu Museum

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Monday February 29, 2016

Today we visited Toitu to increase our understanding of early Dunedin.

It was a fascinating visit to Toitu Museum this morning.  We learned more about early Dunedin and how it was formed.  We then walked around the streets seeing where early Dunedin landmarks still exist.  We learned heaps like that First Church is really the third First Church and was built on the remains of Bell Hill.  We got a better understanding of where the original waterfront was and how much of Dunedin has been built on reclaimed land.  We also looked at Chinese settlers who were first invited to Dunedin as part of the gold rush.  As part of this we also visited the Chinese Garden.  What a wonderful and peaceful place!  It was a great morning and enjoyed by all.  A huge thanks to the wonderful parent help as well.

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