Wow- What a week we had!!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Tuesday April 4, 2017

Last week Room 7 heading out to Berwick camp for our week long action packed fun filled adventure. The weather was stunning, the parent helpers were awesome and the students gave everything 100% challenging themselves and having fun as well!!

There were many highlights to our week at Berwick that the students have reflected on . The week was action  packed with activities to challenge out students, encourage team work and collaboration, test their own personal fears and at times push them to extend their comfort zones. We also had a lot of fun with Quiz nights, the Berwick Ball, sleeping soldiers, team games and activities at night such as Operation Overland and Spotlight.

Activities that the students highlighted as the "best" included - Mountain Biking, Crazy Swing, Abseiling, Sled Drifting, the Assault Course, Outdoor Cooking, Tree Climbing, Cliff Face Rescue, the Gut Buster Challenge ... just to name a few. 

The week would not have been successful with out the positive attitude and effort of our camp parents to lead by example, motivate and encourage the students and help with the running of all the activities - a big thanks to Brenda, Dee, John, Jason, Tony, Mike, Matt and Max for all of their input and support over the week.

The change in the class has been amazing. To see students on the first day to how they progressed by the last day was fantastic to see. The teamwork, support, encouragement, bonding and ties that now bind the class will set us up well for the rest of the year. 

I hope you enjoy a snapshot of our camp photos!!

Ms D:)

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