Welcome to Room 1

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Monday January 25, 2016

Welcome to new room 1 students and families for 2016!

Welcome to all of our new year 7 students who have joined us from a wide range of Primary Schools. 

I am excited to meet the students who will make up the wonderful room 1 crew for 2016. I look forward to learning your interests and passions and helping you along your Intermediate learning journey. 

We have many great learning experiences in store for you starting with school camp, tramps and swimming lessons this term.

Hopefully you have your uniform ready to go. Be sure to remember a drink bottle of water and your lunch on Monday. You should have your stationery already and I will let you know what all of the books will be used for on Monday. The most important thing you need to remember to bring with you on day one is courage.  Be ready to make new friends, say hello to someone new, try something new and join the Balmacewen family.

Rachel Smart.