Hiwi the Kiwi

By Richard Olsen | Posted: Friday March 17, 2017

Today we were extremely lucky to have 'Hiwi the Kiwi' come to school to talk to the Year 8 group about water safety, and fishing rules and regulations so we can all enjoy our kaimoana! 

As you will know by now our Term 1 theme is based around Survival and Adaptations. 'Hiwi the Kiwi' is an informative, music driven presentation on how we can look after ourselves on the water and also  the coastline habitat. 

Did you know?

- You must always handle fish with a wet towel. This helps keep the scales on the fish and also stops fish from becoming infected as they are covered in a layer of oil to help stop infection.

- Don't use fresh water to clean salt water fish. Use salt water as this will help keep the fish fresh for longer.

- There are rules and guidelines that help you determine whether you can keep the fish or whether you need to return it to the ocean. 

- When fishing in rivers or lakes you need to make sure you've got your fishing licence. 

Everyone had a lot of fun joining in with a variety of ocean related songs and dances. 

Students were extremely lucky as a number of prizes were given out, including NZ fishing magazines, posters, and even a brand new Kilwell fishing rod! 

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