Olveston Poem

By Anna Garthwaite | Posted: Thursday November 30, 2017

By Macey Robinson

An old house full of mystery

Ghosts, dreams and unknown history,

Lived a family of four,

That was certainly not poor.

Servants running round,

Working hard, never frowned

Underpaid, never late,

Wouldn’t dare to break a plate.

Dining Table, doused in cloth, dating back to the Napoleonic Wars,

Raging applause when Mr. Theomin walked through the doors,

The fireplace giving it that comfort feel,

With all the females wearing heels.

Guests always showing up,

Raising up their correct cup,

Waiting for their 5-course meal

That was part of the vintage deal.

The Great Hall, where balls were held,

Dancing till their feet were swelled,

The wallpaper, covered with acanthus leaves,

Knights all wearing greaves.

The Library is a place of relaxation,

Where Mrs. Theomin, has her workstation,

Which was formerly another room,

Where others sat in doom and gloom.

The double copper Kitchen, saw chefs work for hours,

The windows looking out to a garden filled with flowers,

A strong smell every time you walked past,

Making sure nothing cooked too fast.

The bathroom, plastered with blue and green Edwardian tiles,

Everybody leaving with massive smiles,

The heavy shower head,

If it landed on you, you would be dead.

The Billiard Room is the men's room,

Because of the smoke you may consume,

From all the cigarettes,

Downstairs the ladies are eating salad, with different vinaigrettes.

A look into Edwardian times,

Some people didn’t own a dime,

But others owned a whole lot more,

Money was what they lived for.

Be grateful for all that you own

Computers, cars, tv’s, and your phone!

So I want to shout out

That you are worth it, that life is challenging but that's what it’s about!