We survived day one!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Wednesday January 31, 2018

On a scorching hot day we came together in our new classes to make a start to the 2018 year. Despite the heat we achieved a lot today in terms of starting to develop the relationships between our class, syndicate and block buddies!

The first day back at Balmacewen for 2018 absolutely flew by! Despite the heat Room 7 students spent the day getting to know their new classmates, took part in a PBL technology challenge to make and creating name badges that lit up, completing an orientation with our Buddy Class (Room 5) and participating in a range of activities with our syndicate classes (Room 7 & 14). It has been an extremely busy first day and this will continue into the next couple of weeks as our timetable starts to fill up!

Important upcoming events:

- Meet The Teacher Evening (Wednesday 7th Feb )

- Kiwi Golf Lesson (Thursday 8th Feb)

- Aquarium Visit (Wednesday 14th Feb)

- 'Swimsation' Swimming Lesson at Moana Pool (Wednesday 20th Feb)

I am looking forward to meeting you all next Wednesday! Over the next few days I look forward to making connections and building relationships with the students as we begin our new school year together.

Kind regards,

Lisa Dixon

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