Otago O’Mathalon Winners

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Monday August 17, 2015

On 11 August the Otago O’Mathalon was held at the Edgar Centre with approximately 40 teams competing in each year level. This event involves teams of 4 competing to solve maths problems and then racing the answers to their markers.

Our Balmacewen teams competed with great success again. We held five of the top eight places in Otago in the year 7 and 8 competitions. Our Year 7 B team was placed 2nd after a nerve racking finish, completing all their questions inside the time limit just 46 seconds behind the winner.

Our Year 8 teams were outstanding, taking out the top 4 places (sixteen of the best mathematicians in Otago). This first time that this has ever happened in O’Mathalon history. Our A team completed their questions inside the time limit too.

2nd Year 7 B team

Isabella Henderson

Kallan Buchanan

Richard Wang

Florence Marshall

1st Year 8 A team                                             2nd Year 8 B Team

George Bates                                                     Peter Crosson

Angus Henderson                                           Jacob Collie

Cathy Zeng                                                         Ayoub Ahmad

Hannah Matehaere                                        Noah Hjertquist

3rd Year 8 D team                                           4th Year 8 E team

Maia Dean                                                          Dom McPhee

Ollie Bixley                                                        Sophie Miller

Jude Molloy                                                      Lauren Buttery

Michael Ruske                                                Caelin Rooney