Water Polo

Water polo takes place at Moana Pool every Thursday in Terms 1 and 4. Students need to pay pool entry at the pool and water polo fees of $30 to school.

Games are 20 minutes long. For more information on Water polo, please contact Lisa Dixon - ldixon@balmacewen.school.nz

Teams may consist of up to a total of 13 players.
A & B grades will consist of 4 minute quarters and the novice grade will consist of 6-minute halves, all grades are running clock.
Points will be awarded as 2=win, 1=draw, 0=loss.


OTAGO WATERPOLO - information about playing Waterpolo for Otago is at the following links:

Registration - https://www.sporty.co.nz/otagowaterpolo/Registration-1/Player-Registration-2019 

Training - https://www.sporty.co.nz/otagowaterpolo/Teams-and-Training-Times/tab1 


Link for the draw:




The draw gets updated each week on the google sheet. 


Screen Shot 2021 04 11 at 2.10.45 PM


Draw for 11th Feb:


Round 1 11/2/2021            
Time White Caps Score Blue Caps Grade Table Duty  
03:40 Columba College     SHCS Gold Pool A Balmacewen Red  
04:05 DNI Kia Maia     Balmacewen Gold Pool A Columba College  
04:30 Taieri College Gold     Balmacewen Red Pool B DNI Kia Maia  
04:55 Fairfield Red     Taieri College Blue Pool B Taieri College Gold  
05:20 DNI Kotahitaka     Fairfield Black Pool B Fairfield Red  
05:45 Tahuna White     STM Flippers Pool B DNI Kotahitaka  
06:10 JMC/Abbotsford     Balmac Blue Pool B Tahuna White  
06:35 Tahuna Orange     Balmac Silver Novice JMC/Abbotsford  
Bye Columba Navy            



Draw 25th March 

Screen Shot 2021 03 25 at 9.28.48 AM