The competition will be played on Mondays after school. Starting 17th February.

This competition is run by the Edgar Centre and your child is to wear their CORRECT PE uniform to represent the school. Shoes must be worn for games.  Children will need to find their own way to and from the Edgar Centre each Monday.

The cost to play in this competition is $2.50, which must be paid to the Edgar Centre before each game.  There is also a $5 charge per student to cover the team entry fee and badge cost.

It is important that when the children make the decision to play Rippa rugby, that they see this as a commitment to the team. They will be expected to attend all games where possible.  When they are unable to be at a game they need to let me know.

All players/parents need to fill out the RIPPA registration for the Edgar Centre online - Please note that this is NOT how students register to play for Balmac, but a way for the Edgar Centre to track how many children are playing each week.

Teacher in Charge - Bella James - 




At Level 2 we can still have rippa rugby, as we ‘zone’ the Centre. So the rippa competition is ON. This does mean we have to limit the numbers, so only players and a coach can come in sorry. So no spectators. Parents are welcome to wait in their cars outside though. All entry and exit will be through the main entrance as normal. Just a reminder that the players don’t pay at the door anymore, as all entries and fees etc are invoiced to the school.


For contact tracing we will be asking each coach to complete a ‘team sheet’ of players that are there. All adults , and any kids, are still welcome to scan in using the QR codes we have. Plenty of sanitizer is available for use. And refs will sanitize each game ball between games.


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Draw Monday 4th April

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