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Term 1 - Belonging

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Term 1 - Survivor

Term 2 - Discovery

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Term 2 - Wonderment

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Change through Challenge

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Term 3 - Impact

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Year 8

Term 4 - Challenge

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2016 National Standards Reporting.

Room 24's visit to the Aquarium

Posted: Sunday February 11, 2018

As part of our term topic "Adaptation", we ventured to the Portobello Aquarium to ignite our minds and explore the supper in the sea.

TERM 1 almost done!

Posted: Thursday March 30, 2017

The term is coming to an end - and then we take a breather.

Aquarium Igniter!

Posted: Wednesday February 17, 2016

Today Room 14 went to the Aquarium to kick start out Term One Survivor unit - looking at structures and adaptations to eat and not be eaten!


Posted: Tuesday February 16, 2016

Year 8's are visiting the Portobello Aquarium as part of their Term 1 topic.