Super 6

Students arrive at Balmacewen with a wide variety of skills, attitudes and knowledge.

At Balmacewen we understand and acknowledge the skills and behaviours that contribute to learner independence. We have identified six key attributes of independent learners.

We’ll call these our “Balmac Super 6”.

Through explicit teaching, discussion and feedback using the “ Balmac Super 6”, we can help build learner resilience and confidence. The Super 6 are relevant to learners across all learning areas and our our interpretation of the key competencies contained in the NZ curriculum.

Teachers have a critical role of enabling, supporting and guiding students towards independent learning in their classrooms. Note that this framework does not only involve students working alone but also working collaboratively with others.  

The Balmace Super 6:

Aims high - strives for excellence

Sets goals. Attention to detail. Completes tasks.


Works collaboratively and independently

Group and individual success. Relating to others positively.


Critical and reflective thinking.

Seeking feedback. Evaluates ongoing. Asking good questions.


Problem solves and perseveres.

Tries hard. Doesn't give up. Use a variety of strategies.


Organised and ready to learn.

Got the gear you need. Staying on task. Aware of timeframe.


Has a growth mindset.

Positive view of self. Optimistic. Self belief.