Have a device? Then bring it to school! BYOD (bring your own device) has huge learning potential and allows endless possibilities for learning and teaching.

Access to online resources is a necessity and we recommend that now is a great time to consider purchasing your child a device. This anywhere, anytime access will provide your child with an excellent platform for learning. 

Students are welcome to bring any portable device that is in good working order and wifi capable, such as a lap top or tablet. We find ipods are very limited in terms of word processing and other tasks the students need devices for.

If you are looking at purchasing a new device for your son or daughter, the preference of our students and staff is a chrome book. These are an affordable option at around $400-$500. Also useful is an ipad, especially if it has a keyboard with it.

All classrooms have facilities to lock devices away when they are not being used during the day.

If you have further questions please contact us.


At Balmacewen Intermediate we understand that a key part of allowing students to bring their own and use school owned devices at school is to teach students how to be good digital citizens. Firstly all of our students need to read, understand and sign the school's digital citizenship agreement. As well as this teachers have discussions and lessons in class around various digital citizenship concepts including; choosing safe passwords, how to search the internet and research appropriate content, how to filter the material found and recognise trustworthy information and how to think critically and identify bias.

It is also important that parents and families are involved in learning about digital citizenship. We recommend netsafe as a great starting point when parents are searching for useful information in all areas of internet safety.