Beth Downie

Beth Downie - Assistant Principal - Dean of Year 7, Year 7 Classroom Teacher

Beth has taught at a number of schools, starting her career working at Te Puke Intermediate where she taught for 3 years, and then she did what most kiwis do and taught in London! After 4 years in London she moved back to Dunedin and taught at Broad Bay for 3 years and now luckily we have had Beth's services for the last 10 years!

Beth enjoys school camps as they are a great way for her to get her class to come together as a class and really enjoy each others company outside of the normal 4 walls! As well as experience all the challenges together that camp has to offer! "I like my students to be organised, responsible, enthusiastic and positive in their learning and in return they get a teacher who displays the same qualities." 

Outside of school Beth enjoys spending time with her 12 year old son, playing football and baking up a storm! 

Beth is the teacher in charge of netball in the school and loves coaching ripper rugby in Term 1 and 4.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch!