Science Fair Success!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Tuesday August 23, 2022

Over the last part of Term 2 a number of students took on the extra challenge of planning and completing a science and technology fair investigation for this year's event.

Well done to those students who committed and persevered to complete their investigations and who went on to represent the school at the local Otago Science Fair. 

The students met on a Friday morning with Ms Dixon and Amadeo to work on their projects. The standard was very high and many students ended up doing well and winning prizes in a number of areas.  Hopefully this has inspired them to continue to look for opportunities in science and technology to investigate, wonder, question and solve problems and take on the challenge again next year. 

A special congratulations to Leo who ended up taking out a Premier Prize for his project Seavolution.  Leo's project was part of his Term Two PBL project where he created and coded a game on scratch to play to learn the different levels of a marine food web. Check our his QR code above  to try his game - he has had well over 6000 plays to date!

Well done to the following students:

Leo Cornelius (4) -Premier NIWA best air or water, University of Otago Computer Science, NZ Oil and Gas Science Education Award, University of Otago Marine Science Award 

Archie Rhodes and Levi Lu - Cancer Society Award

Chris McArthur (2) - Aurora Excellence in Energy, Dodd Walls Centre for Research Excellence 

Elena Sheridan-Garcia and McKenzie Larsen (2) Aurora  and New Zealand Institute of Chemistry

Jennifer Coultas - Aurora Award

Josh Keogh and Leo McAuliffe - Division of Sciences Excellence Award

Joshua Chin (2) - University of Otago Botany and University of Otago Geology Department

Julia Hodgson - University of Otago Physical Education Award

Sam Goodchild (3)Aurora Award, Louis Leland Psychological Society award, University of Otago Physical Education

Sam Hobbs (2) Aurora Excellence in Energy, Dodd Walls Centre for Research Excellence

Stuart Scott and Torin Stephens - Aurora Award

William Bolter (2) Division of Science Pasifika Excellence Award, University of Otago Biochemistry Award

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