Year 8 News

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021

A very warm welcome to our Year 8 Whanau and friends.

Our integrated theme this term is called “Wonderment/Maaharo.” The key feature of this term will be the investigations into the scientific domain of forces through the challenge of creating and making land or air vehicles. We have designed an exciting PBL (Project Based Learning) task which will allow your child to direct their own learning. Collaborating with others will certainly be a valuable outcome of this investigation. Using the collective skills of others to solve a problem will certainly enhance the learning process.

Recent highlights of our Year 8 programme include our skills and drills day at the Edgar centre. The Otago Polytech students were very organised and polished in the delivery of their lessons. Our science investigations with Amadeo have seen the students build and test rockets using dry ice. This proved to be an exciting hands-on challenge that focused on Newton's 3 laws of motion.

We are also well and truly underway with our Year 8 Camping programme. It is wonderful for all students to be able to take part in this wonderful experience. Room 6 has had a busy fun-filled week in which personal challenges were faced head-on. Next week will see Room 14 head off to experience the joys of Berwick. The addition this year of a 3-day programme with our specialist outdoor provider has been a highlight. The activities that the students' experience are far in excess of what we have provided in the past. Thank you to all helpers for making this experience possible.

Kind Regards

Year 8 Teachers

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