Supper in the Sea!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Thursday February 15, 2018

Stinging cells, poison darts, metal tongues- just a few of the amazing special features that we studied in during our visit to the Aquarium this week.

On Wednesday 14th February Room's 7 and 8 headed out to Portobello for our ignitor session for our Term One Adaptation unit. We had a full on day planned with the theme - Supper in the Sea. Activities included a session in the new laboratory looking at all levels of the food web - studying produces, grazers, filter feeders, predators and scavengers and their role in the food web. We looked at their special features for eating and how they avoided being eaten.  Another part of our day was a session in the "submarine" learning about the adaptations and the creatures that live just off our shore in the ocean trenches off Otago.  Up in the touch tanks we were able to get up close to the animals and explore them in their habitat. 

The highlight - for some! - of the day was the opportunity to dissect a spiny dogfish shark to study in detail the physical and behavioural adaptations. This was an amazing opportunity to ask questions, explore ideas and think like scientists about the features that enabled the shark to be such a successful predator.  

The expert knowledge of the educators and the hands on experiences we had will support the follow up tasks and activities that we will continue with in class.

A big thank you to all our parent helpers. 

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