Southland Sports Exchange

By Lauren Roney | Posted: Wednesday August 2, 2017

Yesterday 100 Balmacewen students travelled down to Invercargill for our annual winter sports exchange with Southland Boys and Girls High School. 

The results were:


Balmac Boys vs SBHS - 8-0 to Balmac

Balmac Girls vs SGHS - 1-0 to Balmac


Balmac Y8 Girls vs SGHS - 28-24 to SGHS

Balmac Y7 Girls vs SGHS - 34-8 to SGHS


Balmac Y8 Boys vs SBHS - 64-21 to Balmac

Balmac Y7 Boys vs SBHS - 52-27 to SBHS

Balmac Y8 Girls vs SGHS - 47-41 to Balmac

Balmac Y7 Girls vs SGHS - 54-8 to SGHS


Balmac Boys vs SBHS - 41-0 to SBHS


Balmac Boys vs SBHS - 8-1 to Balmac

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