Rocket Balloon Powered Cars!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Wednesday May 17, 2017

The Honey Badgers Syndicate of Room's 7,8 and 13 have spent the last two weeks immersed in STEM design challenges as part of our Wonderment Term Two theme. 

One of our challenges was to create a balloon powered rocket car. In our first session we were given a number of materials and a design brief to make a balloon powered car. This was our exploration session - a chance to work on our own design ideas, think creatively and collaboratively in the time we were given. 

We given an empty bottle, balloon, straws, skewers, scissors, tape and cardboard and five minutes to plan then 20 minutes to make and create. Everyone came up with a plan variations on their designs, to make them. When we tested we found that none of our cars were very successful and so we reflected on what we could do and change for the next time. We also researched ideas on the internet to help with our design ideas. 

So we were given the opportunity to have another go to improve our first prototypes 

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