The Zoo is Open!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Tuesday April 11, 2017

After a busy week at camp Room 7 had a frantic week to pull together all of their planning and ideas to make their models and presentations for their Term One Inquiry - the Balmac Zoo.

The models and habitats were the final part of the ASPIRE process with all of the research, planning, drawing, ideas and development of their creatures being worked on over the last few weeks before camp. Students have researched habitats and other animals that live there in order to understand conditions and some ideas for adaptations that their own creature could have. 

I have been impressed with the way some students have worked throughout the ASPIRE process demonstrating some of the Balmac Super Six learning skills such as Aiming High,  Organised, Problem Solving and Persevering.  It was great to see our syndicate collaborating today to present their Inquiry to a group who then asked questions and peer assessed the finished work. I was also impressed with students who tried new ways to present such as Padlet and Prezi.  This was a creative and imaginative way to show their learning of our term one theme on Survival , adaptations, food webs and MRS GREN.

Ms D:)

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