Room 7

Welcome to Room 7. We are a year 8 class led by Ms Lisa Dixon

To see what Room 7 students are doing inside and outside of our classroom please check out the linked articles below


Spine tingling performance from the Year 8 students today.

Posted: Friday February 16, 2018

Today we had our Mihi Whakatau - the welcome of the Year 7 students, new teachers and whanau into our school community.

Supper in the Sea!

Posted: Thursday February 15, 2018

Stinging cells, poison darts, metal tongues- just a few of the amazing special features that we studied in during our visit to the Aquarium this week.

Design, Create and Make!!

Posted: Sunday February 11, 2018

A huge focus this year in our syndicate is to create opportunities to create and make - giving our students the opportunity to be faced with a challenge or question and design, prototype and test solutions.

Fun in the Sun! 

Posted: Thursday February 8, 2018

Today Room 7 had a chance to enjoy the return of the sunshine with a session of Kiwigolf to swing into the day!