Room 7

Welcome to Room 7. We are a year 8 class led by Ms Lisa Dixon

To see what Room 7 students are doing inside and outside of our classroom please check out the linked articles below



Posted: Sunday April 15, 2018

A great day for some of our Room 7 students:)

Room 7&8's Mystery Box Challenge

Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2018

4 Ingredients, 45 minutes and an unknown group makes for a fun last Food Tech lesson.

Check out our Artwork!

Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2018

Selfies - all the rage on social media - but check out our Sandra Silberzweig inspired selfies!

2018 Term 1 and Fabric Creations

Posted: Tuesday April 10, 2018

Year 8 students have been working hard to complete aprons, drawstring bags and screen printed t-shirts.