Room 4

Welcome to Room 4. We are a year 8 class led by Mr Olsen

To see what Room 4 students are doing inside and outside of our classroom please check out the articles below:


Room 4's Berwick Camp Experience

Posted: Thursday June 15, 2017

Last week Room 4 had an awesome experience at Berwick Camp participating in a range of different activities and putting ourselves outside our comfort zones.

Room 3, 4 & 14's Perfect Pies

Posted: Thursday June 1, 2017

The Food tech students designed their own pie this week.

Term 2 Flight

Posted: Wednesday May 24, 2017

Room 4 has been thoroughly engaged in learning about the principles of flight. We have focused on paper planes and testing a variety of planes and recording data. 

Year 8 Balmac Zoo!!

Posted: Wednesday April 12, 2017

On Wednesday night the Year 8 students celebrated their learning for Term One by presenting their Term One Survivor Zoo Inquiry to friends and family.