Room 4

Welcome to Room 4. We are a year 8 class led by Miss Ally Kearsley

To see what Room 4 students are doing inside and outside of our classroom please check out the articles below:


Balmacewen Success at Otago Cross Country

Posted: Sunday September 23, 2018

Read on to find out how our Balmacewen Runners went at Otago Cross Country.

Eco-Warriors - Year 8 Impact week activity.

Posted: Monday August 20, 2018

Last week as part of the Year 8 Impact week our group - the Eco-Warriors embarked on a chocolate inspired journey to learn more about a local sustainable local business and also looked at the issues of fair trade, palm oil and eco-packaging.

Room 3 & 4's Mystery Box Challenge!

Posted: Wednesday July 4, 2018

4 food items, 40 minutes and 2 celebrity judges....

Room 3, 4 & 13's Perfect Pies

Posted: Thursday June 7, 2018

The smells wafting out of the Foods Room were amazing.